Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Newport Beach

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Newport Beach

Imagine a place where the sun sets in golden hues, casting a gentle shimmer on the water. Newport Beach, nestled in the heart of Orange County, California, offers just that and so much more. From its serene beaches to its bustling community, there's a charm here that's hard to resist.


Newport Beach is renowned for its luxurious waterfront homes, upscale shopping, and top-notch dining establishments. Naturally, the cost of living here is reflective of the upscale environment. If you're planning to settle in Newport, it's worth noting that while the expenses might be on the higher side, the experiences and lifestyle it offers are unparalleled.


Newport Beach has a reputation for some of the most delightful weather conditions in California. The most pleasant months in Newport Beach are indeed July, September, and August. These months bring forth beautiful sunny days with high temperatures hovering in the delightful range of 70-85°. August is typically the warmest, yet with an average high of 79.6°, Newport Beach is cooler than many other Californian locales. One can expect the balmy breezes to cool down even the most humid days, especially during August and July. However, do prepare for occasional humid days that can make things feel warmer than they are.

Leisure and attractions

There's no shortage of activities to indulge in when in Newport Beach. From sailing in the vast Pacific to exploring quaint shops at Balboa Island, the city offers endless avenues to create cherished memories. Whether you're a fan of outdoor adventures or prefer relaxed afternoons at art galleries, Newport Beach promises something for everyone.

Dining delights

Newport Beach is a haven for food enthusiasts. The city brims with diverse eateries, from cozy cafés that offer the perfect spot for brunch to high-end restaurants where chefs craft culinary masterpieces. Seafood lovers, in particular, are in for a treat as the city's coastal location ensures a fresh catch every day. The culinary journey here is as vast as the Pacific that the city borders.

Employment opportunities

While Newport Beach might be the ideal retirement spot for many, it's equally appealing to professionals. The city is home to a range of businesses, from small start-ups to established corporations. Opportunities abound in sectors such as tourism, real estate, finance, and more. Those looking to advance their careers or even embark on entrepreneurial journeys will find Newport Beach to be a conducive environment for growth.

Educational institutions

Quality education is a hallmark of Newport Beach. The city takes pride in its array of schools that cater to diverse learning needs. From public institutions to elite private academies, parents have ample options to ensure their children receive the best. Additionally, the city's proximity to notable colleges and universities in Orange County further bolsters its reputation as an educational hub.

Delightful dining in Newport Beach

For foodies, there are many great restaurants to enjoy. Newport Beach boasts an eclectic mix of eateries that serve everything from gourmet dishes to comforting classics. Let's explore some of the must-visit establishments in the city.

JOEY Newport Beach

With a perfect blend of sophisticated ambiance and delectable offerings, JOEY Newport Beach stands out as a dining hotspot. With its sleek interiors and warm lighting, it sets the tone for memorable evenings. Guests can look forward to a versatile menu brimming with international flavors. Whether you're in the mood for a hearty steak or a light salad, JOEY promises an impeccable dining experience.

Lighthouse Cafe

Nestled by the water, Lighthouse Cafe offers a serene dining backdrop. The gentle sounds of the waves complement the restaurant's relaxed, nautical-themed interiors. True to its name, the cafe sheds light on classic dishes, giving them a modern twist. Seafood enthusiasts will be particularly delighted with the fresh catches featured prominently on the menu.

Tavern House Kitchen + Bar

A harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern elegance, Tavern House Kitchen + Bar invites diners into its welcoming embrace. With wood-paneled walls and soft lighting, it exudes a cozy vibe. The menu, much like the ambiance, is a blend of traditional and contemporary. Guests can savor classic American dishes with inventive twists, ensuring every bite is a delightful surprise.


Reflecting the vibrant spirit of Newport Beach, Shorebird is where contemporary meets casual. With an open and airy setting, it offers breathtaking views of the ocean. Diners can look forward to a menu that celebrates Californian cuisine, with dishes that highlight local produce and fresh ingredients. It's a place where every meal feels like a beachside picnic, albeit with gourmet flair.

Dining in Newport Beach is nothing short of enchanting. Each restaurant offers not just food but a story, an ambiance, and a promise of memories waiting to be made. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to satiate your cravings, Newport Beach's culinary scene promises a plate for every palate.

Adventures await in Newport Beach

Newport Beach is not just about the serene beauty of the Pacific or the bustling downtown streets. It's about the experiences that beckon at every corner, inviting residents and visitors alike to create beautiful memories. Here are some not-to-be-missed attractions that promise a blend of relaxation, excitement, and wonder.

Sherman Library & Gardens

An oasis in the heart of the city, the Sherman Library & Gardens is a testament to the beauty of nature meticulously curated by human hands. As you walk through, the aromatic scent of blooming flowers and the gentle rustling of leaves will envelop you. The library, with its trove of historical documents, is a gateway to the region's rich past. This haven is a delightful blend of knowledge and nature, beckoning everyone to spend a day amidst greenery and history.

Balboa Island

A gem in Newport Beach's crown, Balboa Island is a mosaic of charming homes, quaint shops, and breathtaking vistas. The gentle hum of the waves and the joyous laughter of families make it a perfect place to unwind. Stroll along the boardwalk, indulge in the island's famous frozen banana treat, or simply let the beauty of the Pacific wash over you. Balboa Island promises moments of pure bliss.

Inspiration Point

True to its name, Inspiration Point offers panoramic views that stir the soul. As you stand atop, with the vast expanse of the ocean stretching before you, it's hard not to feel a rush of emotions. From the gentle mornings to the golden sunsets, every moment here is a painting come to life. Whether you're seeking solace or a spark of creativity, Inspiration Point is the place to be.

Irvine Farmers Market

A celebration of fresh produce and local craftsmanship, the Irvine Farmers Market is a riot of colors, aromas, and flavors. Meander through the stalls and discover a range of organic fruits, vegetables, and handcrafted goodies. It's not just a market; it's a testament to the community's dedication to sustainability and quality. Every visit is a delightful sensory experience, promising fresh flavors and heartwarming interactions.

Tiki Fun Boats

Set sail on a whimsical journey with Tiki Fun Boats. These unique vessels, reminiscent of tropical tiki bars, promise an aquatic adventure like no other. Whether you're looking to celebrate with friends or enjoy a romantic sunset cruise, the gentle sway of the boat and the mesmerizing beauty of the waters ensure unforgettable memories. The ocean's calling, and Tiki Fun Boats offers a fun-filled answer.

Each of these destinations in Newport Beach offers a story, an experience, and a promise of cherished memories. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or simply someone looking to soak in the beauty of the city, there's something here for everyone.

Making sense of the cost of living in Newport Beach

Newport Beach stands as a glowing beacon in the heart of California's Orange County. While it offers a myriad of lavish features that might hint at an exorbitant cost of living, residents find it to be a compelling middle ground within the county's spectrum. When you dive into the nuances of the cost of living indices, a clearer picture emerges. These indices, benchmarked against a U.S. average of 100, reveal that Newport Beach has an index of 353.1, signifying that living here is indeed pricier than the national average. To offer a clearer perspective:

  • Overall cost of living: Newport Beach stands at 353.1, while California and the U.S. average out at 149.9 and 100, respectively.
  • Groceries: The index for Newport Beach is 114.7, compared to California's 105.1 and the national average of 100.
  • Health: Newport Beach's health index is 93.4, almost on par with California's 98.3 and the national average of 100.
  • Housing: A telling figure, Newport Beach towers at 912, while California registers 234.8, and the U.S. sits at 100.
  • Median home cost: Homes in Newport Beach average around $2,684,200, as opposed to California's $733,500 and the national median of $338,100.
  • Utilities: Newport Beach scores 86.3, with California and the U.S. at 102.4 and 100, respectively.
  • Transportation: Travel costs in Newport Beach are indexed at 110.8, while California and the U.S. average are 133.1 and 100, respectively.
  • Miscellaneous: This category sees Newport Beach at 155.7, California at 118.7, and the national average at 100.
These figures provide a comprehensive glimpse into what one might expect when considering a move to Newport Beach. The allure of its shores, the charm of its streets, and the vibrancy of its community make it a compelling proposition, even as the numbers tell their tale.

Choosing a place to call home is always a dance between the heart and the wallet. In Newport Beach, while the cost of living may be a tad higher than in other places, the rewards make every dollar spent worth it.

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