Newport Coast Market Update

Bryan Hill  |  February 2, 2023

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Newport Coast Market Update

Newport Coast Market Update

The Newport Coast, California real estate market has been steadily growing over the past few years. Located in Orange County, Newport Coast is a highly desirable area known for its luxurious homes, ocean views, and upscale amenities. In this blog, we will delve into the market trends, home values, and other key metrics to give you a better understanding of the real estate market in Newport Coast.


Market Trends

Over the past year, the Newport Coast real estate market has seen a significant increase in both home values and sales activity. The median home value in Newport Coast for a single family home as of January 2023 is $7.87 million, which represents a 19.7% increase over the past year. Additionally, the number of homes sold in Newport Coast has also decreased 58% from the previous year. 

One of the main drivers of the strong market performance in Newport Coast is the high demand for luxury homes in the area. The popularity of the region among wealthy buyers, combined with the limited supply of high-end properties, has led to competition among buyers and a resulting increase in home values.

Another factor contributing to the market growth is the strong local economy and job market. The Orange County region, which includes Newport Coast, has a diverse and thriving economy with a low unemployment rate. This has attracted more people to the area, leading to increased demand for housing.


Home Values

As mentioned above, the median home value in Newport Coast as of January 2021 is $3.3 million. This is significantly higher than the national median home value of $226,800 and the median home value in Orange County, which is $850,000.

The high home values in Newport Coast are largely due to the luxurious nature of the properties in the area. Many of the homes in Newport Coast are large, custom-built estates with high-end finishes and amenities such as pools, outdoor kitchens, and home theaters. These features contribute to the high price points of the homes in the area.

In terms of home value appreciation, Newport Coast has seen a steady increase over the past few years. According to Zillow, the median home value in Newport Coast has increased by 29.9% over the past five years. This is significantly higher than the national home value appreciation rate of 19.1% over the same period.


Real Estate Market Analysis

Overall, the Newport Coast real estate market is performing well, with strong demand and increasing home values. While the high price points of the homes in the area may be a deterrent for some buyers, the strong local economy and desirable location make Newport Coast an attractive market for those looking for luxury properties.

It's worth noting that the real estate market can be unpredictable, and it's always a good idea to do your own research and consult with a real estate professional before making a buying or selling decision. However, based on the current market trends and conditions, it looks like Newport Coast will continue to be a strong performer in the real estate market.

Newport Coast is home to a number of events throughout the year, ranging from community festivals to sporting events. Some popular events in the area include:

  • Newport Beach Film Festival: This annual event, held in April, showcases a variety of independent films from around the world.
  • Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival: This event, held in September, features tastings from top local restaurants and wineries, as well as cooking demonstrations and other culinary-themed events.
  • Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade: This annual event, held in December, features decorated boats parading through the Newport Harbor.


Newport Coast is home to a number of upscale shopping centers, including:

  • Fashion Island: This outdoor mall features a wide variety of high-end retailers, as well as dining and entertainment options.
  • Crystal Cove Shopping Center: This shopping center is home to a mix of specialty stores, restaurants, and services.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Newport Coast is home to a number of beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, including:

  • Crystal Cove State Park: This state park, located on the coast, features 3.2 miles of beach, as well as hiking and biking trails.
  • Pelican Hill Golf Club: This luxury golf club features two 18-hole courses with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.


In addition to the parks and shopping centers mentioned above, Newport Coast is home to a number of other amenities, including:

  • Luxury hotels: The area is home to a number of high-end hotels, including the Pelican Hill Resort and the Balboa Bay Resort.
  • Fine dining: Newport Coast is home to a number of top-rated restaurants, including Matros Steak House, A Restaurant and Javiers.

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